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What is a Data Aggregator?

The primary job of a data aggregator company is to collect business information and then sell it to other companies, including online business directories.

Currently, there are 3 primary data aggregators: FactualInfogroup, Neustar Localeze. We have left out Acxiom, because they are shuttering their doors at the end of 2019. These aggregators are a critical piece of keeping clean citation listings for your business. That is why, when we perform our citation listings for you, we include the data aggregators, unlike some automated companies, (No name telling here).

Data aggregators are capable of pushing citation information to thousands of sources. They do this quickly and efficiently. There are some citation sources that ONLY take information from these companies. So in order to provide the most effective local visibility service for clients, they have to be part of the process. They will also help correct listings that have errors in them.

Unfortunately, it can take anywhere from 1 – 6 months before their information starts appearing on websites and since each Local Data Aggregator is independent, you’ll find that sites do not go live all at the same time. But, this is how the system works, we have to live by their rules.

The image below provides a visual of how data aggregators impact the Local Search Ecosystem. It comes courtesy of WhiteSpark. 

What is a data aggregator? 1
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