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Where is it located?

You’ll find the Kerr Arts & Cultural Center on Earl Garrett Street which is in downtown Kerrville. It has become known as one of Texas Hill Country’s most diverse, largest and most prominent visual arts organizations. The center is affiliated with over 600 artists, therefore it is not surprising that thousands of people are attracted to this center annually. This center is blessed to have three very large and professionally designed gallery spaces. There are also large areas allocated for well-equipped workshops that makes it easy to host a large number of events annually. When visiting the website of the Kerr Arts & Cultural Center, tourists and residents alike, will quickly see that there is a full schedule featuring a whole range of interesting events, one being the chocolate fantasy. In the early summer, people can see the unique Southwest Gourd Fine Art Show while later in the year there is also the elegant Black and White Gala.


Other notable events

 Kerr Arts & Cultural Center has also become popular for hosting the Texas Furniture Makers Show as well as the Kerrville Outdoor Painters Event. Nevertheless, in between these large attractions there are many other exhibitions involving things such as, art collectibles, sculpture, watercolor exhibits, photography, music, fashion and design and many other crowd pleasing exhibits. The Kerr Arts & Cultural Center is going to great lengths to accommodate young, up and coming artists. These individuals are always welcome to exhibit their work at the annual Youth Art Show which is takes place in the month of April. This is another popular event and is enthusiastically supported by hundreds of students coming from schools located all over the Hill Country. Regardless of what show you come to support all the events are open to the public and free of charge. KACC is always hospitable and welcome all visitors, while become well-known for its food and excellent wines, which contributes to the fund and enjoyment of the event.

As often happens at large events, motor vehicles become a target for criminals. However, KACC is provides more than enough parking in downtown Kerrville. An additional attraction is the fact that the entire area around Kerrville KACC is filled with secondary attractions in the form of restaurants, galleries, shops, bars and music venues. The inescapable fact is that the Kerr Arts & Cultural Center is providing visitors with an extraordinary experience which will provide wonderful memories. It is important to register early if you desire to participate in one of the workshops at KACC. Anyone registering less than 45 days before the start of a workshop will be required to pay the full fee as far as tuition is concerned. Even when registering more than 45 days before the start of a workshop it is still necessary to pay at least 50% of the tuition in advance. The price is worth it, however, for the fun and education you receive from the workshop.

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