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Where is it?

 Kerrville Hills Winery is situated at the highest point in Kerr County, where there is a beautiful view of the Texas Hill Country. This was the first winery to be established in Kerrville. The winery was purchased by John Rivenburgh in 2019. The new owner has been part of the Texas Hill County for a long time and he is also an award-winning winemaker. As such Mr. Rivenburgh is passionate about the production of high-quality grapes which can be converted into amazing wines. This is why Rivenburgh frequently confers with other successful wineries all across the country in an attempt to improve his own product as much as possible. Any visitors who come for a tasting session will be introduced to a wide range of wines from the KHW label. They will also have access to the owner’s personal label which is known as Rivenburgh Wine. However, there is also many products from cooperating partners such as Antima/Narra Vineyards, Ab Astris, Rustic Spur and Fly Gap.


Welcoming and hospitable

 Everything possible is always done to ensure that visitors to Kerrville Hills Winery enjoy their experience as much as possible. This is why even pets and small children are more than welcome. People are encouraged to come to Kerrville Hills Winery for a tasting session or to purchase a bottle of quality wine. For many, the extraordinary view is always one of the high points of a visit to KHW. Business hours is between 11 AM and 6 PM from Thursday until Sunday. Only people with reservations will be allowed access on Mondays. People are strongly encouraged to visit the website of KHW where a lot of additional information is available and it is also possible to ask questions which are quickly answered by the friendly people from the winery. It is also possible to place your wine orders online. Even if you live outside of Texas, you can order wine, as long as you purchase at least three items.


Wide range of quality products

 Kerrville Hills Winery sells many wines such as the 2015 Nite cruisin’ Muscat Canelli, 2012 Rouge Petite Sirah, 2012 L’OR Petite Sirah, 2007 American Merlot, 2009 Purple Cab Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012 Bleue Petite Sirah, 2010 Skyline Cabernet Sauvignon and many other high-quality products. People are encouraged to join the KHW wine club. When joining the wine club people receive discounts of 20% when purchasing bottles of wine. There is also a further discount of 10% on non-wine items and club members will also receive invitations to exclusive events which are hosted. Whenever a member visits KHW they will receive a complimentary glass of wine and they are also allowed to bring a guest. They are three opportunities each year for members of the public to join the KHW Wine Club. There is also a group called the Case Club and individuals within that group will receive a dozen bottles of red wines or alternatively a dozen bottles consisting of both red and white wines. Such wines are always preselected by the KHW team in order to ensure that those wines represent some of the best products that have been produced in a particular season.

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