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Online Advertising

online advertising

Online advertising consists of many things. At its most basic, it comes in 2 forms. There is paid advertising and there is organic advertising.

Paid advertising can done in a variety of ways on the internet. Google commands the lions share of paid advertising. But, then you skew out to perhaps what could be called paid social advertising. You would find this of course on facebook, which is becoming a go-to destination for local businesses. You might not know this, but, you can also advertise on other social platforms such as Linked-In, Twitter, Pinterest and other social sites.

There are a lot of ways you can advertise with paid ads, you can use video ads, which is part of all of our SEO packages, banner ads are still around.

Yet, at the same time, working to get your website ranked or your Google My Business ranked, and not paying Google, or facebook or other advertising behemoth like that is considered advertising. It’s just that it’s free, and can be effective if done right. Now, when we say free, we mean that you’re not paying a certain dollar amount for every click on your link or a certain dollar amount every time your website is shown.

Business owners can work on ranking their website all by themselves and not have to pay anyone to do this for them. However, it does take time, skill and training to do so effectively. That is why SEO work is often partnered out with an internet marketing firm. We urge you to take a look at MyTown SEO. We believe we can  help you achieve your goals and at a fair price.

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