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Of course your website would be considered advertising, but, did you know, there are other forms of online advertising? Of course you did. There is facebook advertisingGoogle Pay Per Click (PPC), and Bing/Microsoft PPC, to name the major ones. Are you interested in knowing which one might be the best? Be sure to check out our information to what our preference is and the industry in general has to say on the matter.

For small businesses, what are the advantages of having an advertising agency working as your business partner? No doubt, you’re an expert in your field, but how about in the online marketplace? It takes time to mount an effective digital marketing campaign.

So even if you have the knowledge, do you have the time? It can be much simpler and cost effective to hire an agency. Yes, we realize that it is an added expense, but, a properly executed and well thought out campaign can more than offset the expenses you might incur.

So, we invite you to speak with us and find out what we can do for you.


We couldn't wait. For local businesses, we find facebook advertising to be near the best thing going. Maybe even the cats meow!

Want to learn more about facebook advertising and how we use it in the digital strategy we’ll create for your business? Visit our facebook advertising page.

Make your hard earned top dollar work for you and get not just good results, but great results that are worth your investment. MyTown SEO, the only advertising agency you need to maximize your online presence.

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