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The Ridge Marketplace

The bakery

 The Wild Flour Bakery always go to extremes in order to accommodate the wide variety of tastes that consumers bring to them. Some people are simply looking for something sweet, while others are connoisseurs of note. Nevertheless, at the Wild Flour Bakery there will always be something which can be enjoyed such as freshly baked cupcakes or tasty cinnamon rolls. There is always freshly baked bread which customers can take home and enjoy. Another popular item on the menu is pie or cake which can be enjoyed on the spot or these things can be ordered and taken home where it will be usable even for very special occasions. The Wild flour bakery of fully aware of the problems which some people might have with things such as gluten and this is why all of the cupcakes and cakes at The Wild Flour Bakery are now prepared using only gluten-free flour except in circumstances where people request traditional ingredients.


Café at the Ridge

 People are particularly fond of venues where it is possible to sit with great company and share a satisfying meal. This is exactly why Café at the Ridge provides customers with meals such as pancakes, delicious steaks and many other tasty options. Oh yeah, don’t forget about their Catfish, it is only served on Fridays, and it’s the best! Café at the Ridge has continued to be one of the more popular gathering spots in the region. There are many reasons for this popularity such as the extensive menu which provides multiple options for the different times of the day such as breakfasts, lunch and dinner. Special attention is also paid to interesting daily specials. There are also many other things to see on the grounds, such as a store and garden nursery.There are many other special offerings such as Tuesday’s when children under the age of 12 will receive their meals free of charge. Live music is available on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays starting from 6 PM.


The gardens at the ridge

 One of the primary identifying qualities of the Hill Country is the striking landscapes and rolling hills. Likewise, The Gardens at The Ridge is very much a part of the natural beauty of the region. Professional assistance is available in order to ensure that homeowners will be able to beautify their own homes. There are some people who are more than able to do what needs to be done but there also those who appreciates professional advice and in this regard The Gardens at The Ridge is more than happy to oblige. There is an extensive range of both native and adaptive plants all of which is certain to thrive all over the region and also in your garden. The Gardens at The Ridge are able to provide landscape designers who can provide budget friendly consulting. They are knowledgeable and eco-conscious and are also able to provide design services as well as a whole range of other gardening solutions regardless of the size of the considered project.

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