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Choosing your online marketing provider

We get it!

Trying to navigate the mine field of online marketing can be daunting. 

Do I go for one that promises they can get me on the first page of Google? Should I choose a more expensive option, after all, more expensive means better, right? Those questions and many more pop up when you’re circumnavigating the world wide web.

 I’m sure we can agree that with Google being the most used search engine in the world, and for all intents and purposes, the one we most need to consider, it makes sense to see what they have to say about how to choose a company to do your online marketing for you.

Google has produced a series of videos on best tips for websites, with 5 things every business should do. Those tips will be in another article, with a link to the video.

But, getting back to the title of this blog post, tip #5, referenced by Google is that of hiring an SEO. What did they have to say on the matter? We have included that video in this post below. Let’s go over a few things they said . . .

 There are a couple things that can happen when hiring an SEO specialist. 

1. They have the potential to improve your site and ability to save the business owner time.

2. They have the potential to damage your site and reputation if you hire someone that gives you bad advice or engages in unethical SEO practices.

So, how should you get started if you are actively looking for an SEO partner? Continue reading below and be sure to watch the video below, direct from Google.

STEP 1: Turn the tables on your possible SEO guru. After all, they are going to work for you, so interview them!

A good business partner for you won’t only focus on your search engine ranking, but will focus more of their time on improving how you appear.

A good SEO partner will also ask questions, like ‘What makes your service/product unique and valuable to customers? What does your average customer look like? How do people currently find your website? How does your business make money and how can search help with that? Are you using other channels to market your business? i.e offline advertising, social networks, etc. Who are your competitors? And what do they do well online?

It is also good to not be sold on the ‘pie in the sky’ theory. What is that? Any search engine optimization company that guarantees you a 1st place ranking on Google. NO ONE can do that, and those that try to do that? They often engage in what is in the industry termed ‘Black hat’ SEO marketing. Basically, going against Googles Webmaster Guidelines.

One of those things you have to be careful of, is companies that promise to build you lots of back links to move your rank higher. This often appears unnatural to Google and can result in your website or pages being permanently removed from Google.

STEP 2: Check references.

Check with their past clients to see how the SEO company worked with them. Find out if their results were sustained? Or just temporary?

STEP 3: Request a Technical & Search audit.

Give your SEO candidate access to Google Search Console data. Before you hire them to do any work, have them perform a technical & search audit on your website. That way they can prioritize issues and suggest improvements. Be careful here. Make sure you trust your SEO company and only provide restricted (Viewe only) access.

You can count on this one thing . . . If an SEO company doesn’t seem to be interested in the nuts and bolts of your company and are more interested in signing you up to get your hard earned cash, they may not be the right partner for you. Choose wisely and dare we say . . . call MyTown SEO @ (210) 504-8384 or fill out our contact form.

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