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One of the most exemplary success stories in Kerrville is the one where the private sector and the general public came together in a unified front and led to the construction of the Cailloux Theater in 2003. The opening performance featured the San Antonio Symphony. Ever since,  the Cailloux Theater has persistently endeavored to embrace its mission to continue to be the ultimate experience in civic and cultural life in Kerrville Texas. The establishment of the Cailloux Theater was been highly hailed as a momentous occasion by a previous governor. The memorable opening night was an extremely suitable conclusion to a four-year project, during which time the Municipal Auditorium, dating from the 1950s has been turned into a modern performing arts center. The planning of the Cailloux Theater required the consideration of many details and factors. This was important in order to ensure that a rather antique property could be successfully transformed into a sophisticated performance hall which could provide for the needs of local and visiting performing groups.

One of the primary financial contributors was Kathleen C. Cailloux who immediately recognized the tremendous potential of the project. She was quickly joined by other interested parties such as Kit Werlein, the president of Playhouse 2000 along with Susan and Doug Balentine, who took the responsibility to ensure that the project was progressing as required. This led to the approval of Mayor Ben Low and the City of Kerrville, which resulted in an operating agreement with both the private and public interest groups becoming involved. Kathleen Cailloux continued to be generous with her contributions as were the Sterling-Turner Foundation, the Hal and Charlie Peterson Foundation, the Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country, and many other interested parties. There were also a large number of donations from approximately 600 business donors from all across the region.

Generous contributions to the Cailloux Theater.

The final amount that was raised for the Theater came to more than $9 million. This remains one of the most rewarding projects which has ever been undertaken in Kerrville, since so many people opened their hearts and their wallets in order to ensure that this project would ultimately succeed. During the actual construction process hundreds of willing individuals labored under the direction of some of the most notable planners and designers in the US. Their persistence over a period of 14 months eventually culminated in the spectacular grand opening of the world-class performance hall which is now situated in downtown Kerrville. The dream of Kathleen C. Cailloux to establish a moderate center for the performing arts continues to receive support from Playhouse 2000, who continues to work ceaselessly to ensure that the Theater continues to be a success in the region. Research has clearly shown the incredible impact a theater can have in a community and how it can contribute to a higher standard of living for all residents in the city.

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