What is Performance-Based SEO

If you’re paying any attention to digital marketing methods today then you know that search engines are one of the most important tools in spreading brand awareness and generating clicks for your content. SEO is often used to make sure your site takes pole position on those search engines, and there is a wide range of consultants to help make sure you’re using it right. But performance-based SEO might be one of the most risk-free methods of utilizing these experts. What exactly is it and why might a performance-based Fort Collins SEO team work for your needs?

The performance-based guarantee

To put it simply, the difference between traditional SEO and performance-based SEO is that with only one of those options are you guaranteed to know that it’s working. With performance-based SEO, the team is given a set objective. For instance, their objective is to make sure that your site’s results for searches involving a certain keyword improve. After a minor fee to set-up operations, the team doesn’t charge you until you attain that result.

Complete dedication

Some teams treat search engine optimization like it’s chance-based. They’re trying their tricks and seeing what sticks, but they get paid at the end of the day either way. With performance-based SEO, we know that there are no tricks and it’s not about chance. It’s about using proven methods to improve your search engine results. A performance-based Greeley SEO team gets down to what’s really going on behind the scenes. We look at the data involved in deciding which pages rank highest. We study how search engines like Google weigh different pages and we make sure that we’re weighing your service the same way. We focus on improving your site based on that data.

What techniques performance-based SEO uses

No-one has a complete blueprint of Google’s inner-workings, but we do have data on what’s working for them now and in the past. We also pay close attention to the evolution of how search engines weigh different aspects both on-page and offpage. We research every keyword and find the best ways to natural implement them in a site. We analyze competitors to find their strengths, but position what we learn so that you’re no carbon copy. We don’t look at the outdated notion of keyword stuffing but focus on guaranteeing results for those keywords most relevant to your brand and guarantee you results on them.

Why choose performance-based SEO

The reasons why people turn to performance-based SEO are clear. Performance-based SEO teams know that they only get paid when they achieve results, so they’re dedicated to achieving those results. Rather than trying half-a-hundred approaches only to have one work, we take the time poring through the data to make sure that every one of your hand-picked approaches works. If you’re on a budget, you make sure it’s being spent wisely instead of work that might not actually get you the results you want. You get a more comfortable payment scheme where you don’t have to pay now, but only when we get you results. Most importantly, you’re getting results where they matter on the keywords most essential to your online visibility.