Google Updates Display for Mobile Search Results

All business owners and website developers know about the recent alterations to Google’s mobile algorithms. However, there is another change that appears to have gone unnoticed by most professionals, and that relates to the display for mobile search results. Providing Greeley SEO services means our company keeps its finger on the pulse with issues of this nature at all times. Google mentioned the improvements in a Webmaster article back in April, but most people still haven’t taken the time to learn about the ways in which these alterations manifest. With that in mind, this post should assist in setting the record straight.


So, what updates did Google make to mobile search results?

It’s no surprise that most professionals – even those within the industry – didn’t notice most of the changes as they occurred. That is because the updates are subtle, to say the least. Still, here is a list of some of the things Google improved:

  • How URLs get displayed on mobile SERPs

In the past, users would view a truncated version of the web address that included the site name and any keywords the individual searched. Right now, that’s all changed, and while the new SERPs provide the same info, they do so using an alternative format. Gone are the “www” or “.com” elements and Google have moved in favor of going from the domain name straight into the architecture of the site. The breadcrumbs method was useful years ago when the web launched as a way of resolving slow image loading times, and it’s making a comeback right now thanks to Google.

  • Rolling out structured data support

Alongside the SERP changes, Google has also rolled out structured data support to assist website owners in using the right tags for search engines. The information from gives developers and business owners more control over the way in which their site displays within search results. Experts hope the move will assist with branding exercises and ensure all domains get the most accurate representation possible. For example, a brand might want their site to list as “Excellent Furniture Company” rather than “Excellent Furniture Company LLC” or something similar.


Well, what do these SERP changes mean for me?

In most instances, business owners and web developers should consider these changes an improvement. It’s vital that you reassess the architecture of your site with these updates in mind to ensure your brand or clients benefit from them as soon as possible. Flat websites are not going to reap the rewards of this latest alteration, and that’s why it’s vital that everyone understand the ins and outs of the issue before implementing their new strategies. Arranging sites hierarchically can provide a more useful breadcrumb and also add some extra legitimate keywords.

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