Google Updates Display for Mobile Search Results

All business owners and website developers know about the recent alterations to Google’s mobile algorithms. However, there is another change that appears to have gone unnoticed by most professionals, and that relates to the display for mobile search results. Providing Greeley SEO services means our company keeps its finger on the pulse with issues of ...Read more

Google Algorithm Updates: Colossus and the Phantom Menace

In the world of SEO, or website ownership in general, it pays to be clued into when Google is doing something new with their search algorithm. We’ll track all the updates like Penguin and Panda and study the notes thoroughly when they’re released and adjust our work and our websites to appeal better to the ...Read more

Keep Your Online Presence Secure

All website owners need to work hard to ensure they keep their online presence as secure as possible. We live in dangerous times, and there are more hacking attacks per year right now than there ever were in the past. Considering that, this article will offer some advice and guidance that should assist all readers ...Read more

What is Performance-Based SEO

If you’re paying any attention to digital marketing methods today then you know that search engines are one of the most important tools in spreading brand awareness and generating clicks for your content. SEO is often used to make sure your site takes pole position on those search engines, and there is a wide range ...Read more